About Us

Exploring Greece & Creating Art

Our Values

  • Love of Customers - Carefully crafted works with a pure, artistic intention. We want to connect and celebrate art in a meaningful way.
  • Love of Exploring - A special interest in exploring the unknown in long-distance hiking and travel.
  • Love of Nature - Using painting as a way to connect and learn about the world. To take a break from the consuming digital world.
  • Love of Planet - Environmentally sustainable practices. Using only what we need and nothing in excesss. Keeping the outdoors that we visit free from our litter and pollution.

Our Story

Zac is a Greek-American painter from the United States and his wife Arja is originally from Russia but they met in Athens. Greece has become their home.

Zac would not get far without his wife, Arja. This is a family business and Arja brings just as much value as we work as a team. Much of the content you see on social media is made by Arja.

Arja provides design feedback on paintings as he works to check-in and make sure nothing in the painting is out of place.

The hope is that our family’s love comes through to everything you see in our shop.


Bring Greece to Your Space

Being Greek-American from my father's side, I've had a natural fascination with my Greek heritage. Much of the inspiration to paint comes from travels exploring Greece. I've migrated permanently from California to Greece and has been living here for several years now.

Our belief is that the kind of impressionist or surrealist quality we adore hasn’t been done enough in Greece. Most of the impressionists were painting subjects in western Europe or Italy. There is a huge opportunity for modern landscape painting in Greece with its incredible landscapes, seascapes, and romantic villages.

  • Rich, thick oil paint with vibrant color - My goal is to have rich color. I avoid dull greys and blacks by utilizing the color wheel. The goal is not to try and create something that is “realistic”. I want to focus on effects of light and use color to express in a more emotional way and to add a unique style to forms.
  • Personal and original - Be a part of bringing true art that is not just for decoration. We search deep within and draw from our unique experiences in life. We believe modern art today has become too shallow.
  • Quality materials - Almost all of the canvases are made in Greece with quality linen material. The paints are by Natural Pigments and Rembrandt which have high pigment load and are made with quality ingredients without fillers. Rosemary & Co brushes are used to apply loose, expressive paint.