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Original Painting: Athenian Trireme Olympias in Aegina Port

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  • Original painting by Zachary Zorbas titled “Athenian Trireme Olympias in Aegina Port” handmade in Athens, Greece
  • Made with fine quality oil colors on canvas
  • Completed on November 2022
  • Width: 50cm, Height: 40cm, Depth: 2cm
  • Stretched and ready to hang
  • Signed by Zac
  • Varnished for protection and color clarity
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Packaged and shipped from Aegina, Greece.

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Recently, a replica of an ancient Greek warship called a Trireme(τριήρης) was harbored here in Aegina. I went to start an oil painting of it there during the sunrise.

The vessel derives its name from its three rows of oars, manned with one man per oar. It is this arrangement of the oars which is unique and highly effective for the trireme. The strategy was to utilize their speed to ram into enemy oars and render their ships immobile. Then, the hoplites would board the ship and engage in hand to hand combat. The Athenians along with Aeginetans lured the Persian fleet into the Straits of Salamis, and the decisive Greek victory there was the turning point of the war.

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved these ships and their design. I was first introduced to them through a computer game I played called Age of Mythology which I still play occasionally.

This replica is a commissioned ship in the Hellenic Navy of Greece and it is named “Olympias”(Ολυμπιάς). It is the only one of its kind. I was very happy to see it in the port of Aegina and thought it would make for a great painting.

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